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Board of Directors

CFSO is lucky to have adevoted, involved and compassionate Board of Directors. Our Board of Directors is composed of Congolese ethnic leaders who volunteer their time, contribute their expertise, and continually support the organization. They are people who were very concerned about the multifaceted problems Congolese usually go through in United States upon their resettlement.

Congolese Family Support Organization – CFSO is grateful to:

1. Justin Mudekereza: President & CEO
2. Pastor Augustin Tuzolana: Vice President
3. Pastor Ephraim Benda: Senior Advisor
4. Adela Mwangaza: Member
5. Alingamina Asako: Member
6. Fabien Semivumbi: Secratary
7. Epérance M'mbumba: Treasurer

Thank you all for your dedication and efforts.