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Casework Guidance & Orientation

Resettlement agencies are overwhelmed by large numbers of refugees to assist upon their arrival in the United States. In most cases the assistance will last up 90 days. Those assisted through Wilson Fish program can receive help for a period no longer than 8 months.

In a new and developed country, they definitely have a lot to learn. There are many new things they need to know and they don't know where to turn for the help they need.
They receive a considerable number of letters in their mail which, unfortunately, they cannot understand because of language barriers. Most of these refugees don't know how to read and how to write in their native languages. This makes it difficult for them to understand the contents of their mail and how to fill out the different forms they receive from doctors' offices, welfare services and other service providers.

There has also been observed a problem of very limited orientation which makes hard for Congolese refugees to understand the life in America. In most case, they break the local laws unintentionally because they haven't been introduced to the dos and don'ts in the United States. These are people who came from a war-conflicted country where the laws are not enforced and they spent up to 20 years in refugee camps where there were no laws.

The Congolese Family Support Organization – CFSO wants to provide continued guidance and orientation to the Congolese refugees so that they can avoid problems with the laws of this country. This involves help with filling out welfare packages, help with reading and understanding mail, help with medical documentation and information about living in the United States among other assistance that may be needed.

For more information about this service, contact: Tel.: +1-619-249-8180 or send us an email at info@congolesefamily.org