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Domestic Violence

Congolese Family Support Organization – CFSO is working hard to fight Domestic Violence (DV) among Congolese refugee families resettled in the United States, particularly in San Diego, California.

Domestic Violence is real and has many faces among refugee families from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in San Diego. In these families there have been recorded multifaceted cases of Domestic Violence, same-sex domestic violence, violence and/or abuse by mother-, father-, sister-in-law and/or by natal family members, sexual abuse that can include marital rape, being forced to watch and imitate pornographic acts, extreme sexual neglect, economic abuse and isolation from family and friends, battering during pregnancy, etc.

Many families from the DR Congo are suffering from DV consequences. Victims as well as perpetrators are very much affected and they need help. CFSO focuses on DV prevention activities and guiding the victims and perpetrators in need of more help.

Knowing that in most cases, Congolese refugees involved in DV issues as a result of lack of education and knowledge of the laws of the United States; CFSO believes thatthe best way to prevent DV among these families is to attack the "roots" of the problem instead just dealing with "leaves" or"branches".

According to the Congolese ethnic group leaders;poor housing, poverty in families due to lack of jobs, insufficient Cash Aid, restrictions attached to food stamps (don't buy hygienic products), difficult access to welfare and healthcare services due to poor interpretation and/or translation services, lack or poor orientation, lack of understanding of laws, insufficient household items and clothing, ESL program not meeting the needs of refugees, etc. are counted as the main causes of DV cases among Congolese refugees in San Diego, California.

The Congolese Family Support Organization – CFSO works hard hand in hand with the Congolese refugees to make sure that the roots of the problem are dealt with. This is done with the support of individuals and organizations interested in seeing Congolese refugees live a better life in the country.

For more information about this service, contact: Tel.: +1-619-249-8180 or send us an email at info@congolesefamily.org