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Executive Team

Justin B. Mudekereza
President & Chief Executive Officer

Justin Mudekereza is the President & CEO of Congolese Family Support Organization. CFSO provides multiservice solutions that support refugees from the DR Congo. Justin is internationally known for over 17 years of experience in social justice, human rights, and human service. In 2010 he founded Aspire for African Development & Consulting in a development based consultancy firm to help many nonprofit organizations, public and private institutions to be able to contribute to development efforts of their communities. Prior to joining New Neighbor Relief – NNR where he is the Executive Director, he volunteered in different agencies working with refugees in San Diego, California.

Leadership Team members:

1. Bonome Kibukila - Program Manager
2. Leontine Marie - Domestic Violence Officer
3. Patrick Namwembe - Administration & Casework Officer
4. Bokese Shabani - Culture & Newcomers Orientation Officer
5. Anna Kakozi - Men & Women Sports Officer
6. KashindiNguomoja - Education & Training Officer
7. Paul Bwinika - Congolese languages Interpretation & Translation Officer